Fiction & Memoir Classes

Every fall, I teach at the  Table Rock Writers Workshop (Table Rock), formerly the Duke University Writers Workshop, which is open to anyone who would like to spend five days with a supportive and engaging group of fellow writers at a beautiful mountain retreat. (Classes are available both for beginning and experienced writers.)

I also teach 5 and 10-week writing classes through the Great Smokies Writing Program at UNC-Asheville. The Great Smokies Program offers classes in fiction, memoir, poetry, and mixed genres, and is a wonderful resource for anyone in western North Carolina.

I lead one private workshop a year, too. I choose a spot I’d like to spend some time in and invite 6-10 students for 4-5 days of intensive classes and writing time. In the past, I’ve held workshops in France, Massachusetts, and the North Carolina mountains. Because of the intensive nature of these workshops, I generally take students I have already worked with, either through one-on-one mentoring or in a class. This is not a hard and fast rule, however, and if you would like to apply, please write to

In all of my classes, whether the focus is on short stories, novels, or memoir, we talk about how to generate raw material and how to revise, shape, and edit that material into polished narratives. At the same time, we discuss strategies for minimizing the anxiety that often accompanies revision and editing, so that the whole process, from the first idea to the final draft, stays loose and fun.