W. W. Norton & Company | 2002

Engrossing and ambitious…Lili’s life…is a rich and complex subject.”

          –Valerie Martin, New York Times Book Review

Extraordinary…Abigail DeWitt brings to life here a woman of sly and wondrous contradictions. Lili’s hold on the reader will be no less ferocious than her grasp on life.”

          –Susan Dodd, author of Mamaw

An insightful, gripping novel with the ambition and courage to engage the timeless issues of the human condition.”

          –Chapel Hill News

“Lili has the depth and fullness and solidity of a nineteenth-century character—a Jamesian character—walking through the pages of a twentieth-century novel: that is the remarkable achievement of DeWitt’s work.”

          –Southern Pines’ The Pilot

“DeWitt’s wise, lyrical, elegant and deliciously sensual first novel is a rare pleasure from start to finish, ‘feminine’ in the way Colette’s work is—sophisticated, sensual, charming, witty—and yet also ‘domestic’ in precisely the way Katherine Mansfield’s stories are. What a combination!”

           –Michelle Herman, author of A New and Glorious Life