Lorimer Press | 2010

Boston Globe Bestseller

“A remarkable character….a beautifully written novel of secrets and desires.”

–Ron Rash, author of The Risen and Serena 

A work of art.”

The Charlotte Observer

“Dark, sexy, and profoundly original-a Texas-hot family saga unlike any other. A brilliant and thought- provoking novel from the extravagantly talented Abigail DeWitt.”

–Lee Smith, author of Mrs. Darcy Meets the Blue-Eyed Stranger

“Abigail DeWitt’s carefully crafted and emotionally intelligent new novel DOGS is unnerving in the way that the best fiction can be, artfully depicting our common experiences with candor and grace. Dogs, sex, food, errant siblings, difficult parents, the brutality of high school, the life of the mind: is there anything worthy of our attention that DeWitt does not notice? It has been a long time since I have read a novel that so accurately describes the contradictory nature of desire.”

–Michael Parker, author of If You Want Me to Stay

“Who knew a “bad girl” could be so innocent, so smart, so complex?… engaging…and poignant”

Library Journal

“…deeply moving…In captivating detail, DeWitt aptly captures the hungry desperation of teenagers…Molly’s struggle…comes brilliantly to life. The…prose glistens…the kind of novel that deepens one’s understanding of love and family. Truly illuminating…”


“DeWitt’s prose is nuanced and her characters are finely shaded.”